Rosie Shilo


Back in 2004, before it was ‘trendy’, Rosie Shilo started Virtually Yours. Working as a nanny, Rosie saw the need for mothers to be able to work from home in order to have time with their children.

So years prior to having her own children, Rosie, using her background knowledge of administration, decided to go it alone. Starting out working for a handful of clients, she found herself needing to constantly explain to business owners about working ‘virtually’.

Many business owners could not grasp the Virtual Assistant concept.

After all, didn’t a ‘Secretary’ need to sit outside of your office and answer your phone, open your mail, fetch your coffee…But tirelessly, Rosie pushed on, networking in local business groups and spreading the word about Virtual Assistants.

As the industry grew, so did Rosie’s popularity. Being known as the ‘mother duck’, VAs from across Australia, started approaching Rosie to ask for advice. Seeing the need for these emerging Virtual Assistants to feel like they belong, Rosie began her network.

Virtually Yours has now grown to a thriving Virtual Assistant network here in Australia, with over 160 members from across Australia.


  • The opportunity for mentoring to grow their own Virtual Assistant business, with all the how to’s and short cuts that Rosie has learnt on her own journey
  • An online community where you can connect with each other, bounce ideas around and understand that although you work virtually, you are not alone
  • Access to jobleads
  • Education (in the form of presentations/networking) about how to work with a Virtual Assistant, the costs involved and how to weigh up whether you should use a Virtual Assistant
  • Access to a network of Australian Virtual Assistants where you can place a joblead for a project (short or long term) to find their perfect Virtual Assistant – for free


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