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Books authored by Rosie Shilo


The Outsourcing Secret

In her third book, The Outsourcing Secret, VA advocate and mentor Rosie Shilo, reveals the hottest tips on how you can easily start outsourcing. Featuring insights from some of Australia’s most well-known business owners, you’ll learn:

  • how to determine what you should outsource
  • how to let go and trust your contractors, and
  • how to choose and build your virtual team.

Reaching for The Stars

In Reaching for the Stars, VA advocate and mentor Rosie Shilo reveals the steps, tips and tricks used by Australia’s most successful Virtual Assistants. Featuring dozens of VA stories and insights from her own VA journey, you’ll learn how to do things right from the start and fast-track your way to running a stellar VA business.

Book ISBN 9780992487409-VA-VA-VOOM

VA VA Voom

This Book includes heaps of advice about setting up your virtual assistant business and what to consider to ensure you are working with the right clients and getting them to LOVE you for your AWESOMENESS! It is a book and manual in one – activities are included to help you along the way. Feedback and tips from many business owners are included so you know EXACTLY what they are looking for in an VA!

Raving reviews from Virtual Assistants

I opened my VA Business almost 5 years ago and think I helped inspire Rosie to write this book! I bugged her with so many ‘how to’ questions which she patiently answered. New VAs should snap up this book – it’s brilliant and answers everything you need to know. Don’t hesitate, just buy it. It’s the best value start up book you’ll find. Well done Rosie, very proud of you.

Monique Bruggeman

A Virtual Copywriting Monstar

It’s a fabulous book Rosie! I would highly recommend any new or aspiring VA to grab a copy. Not only is it a great resource full of tips and ideas but it will keep you motivated into the future. Well done Rosie!

Kirsty Wilson

Interim Business Solutions

Such a great read and good looking book Rosie! I keep sneaking in reading time here and there, just so I can finish your book very soon. The information you provide is fantastic, the activities very useful for especially newer VA’s. I can’t wait to work through the exercises in the book, which will definitely help me become a better Virtual Assistant. 5 Stars all around!

Birgit Livesey

Four hours after receiving the book and I am powering through! The information is very useful and relevant to my circumstances. I have been in my VA business nearly 12 months and was beginning to question whether I was cut out for it – but this book gave me the push I needed! It got the brain ticking again and the exercises allowed me to build a new direction for my VA business. I also love the ring binding – it makes it so much easier to flip back and forth, with the pretty pictures and layout making it fun and easy to read.