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Looking for an engaging speaker for your business event, podcast, seminar or online summit?

Known as The Virtual Assistant Advocate, Rosie Shilo will enlighten you on the world of Virtual Assistants in Australia.

Rosie Shilo Founder Virtually Yours, Speaker, Virtual Assistant Advocate

Looking for an engaging speaker for your business event, podcast, seminar or online summit?

Known as The Virtual Assistant Advocate, Rosie Shilo will enlighten you on the world of Virtual Assistants in Australia.

Back in 2004, before it became ‘trendy’ to work with Virtual Assistants, Rosie Shilo started Virtually Yours – a network dedicated to educate and connect VAs to prospective clients.

Working as a nanny, Rosie saw the need for mothers to be able to work from home in order to have time with their children.
So years prior to having her own children, Rosie, using her background knowledge of administration, decided to go it alone. Starting out working for a handful of clients, she found herself needing to constantly explain to business owners about working ‘virtually’.

Many business owners could not grasp the Virtual Assistant concept.

After all, wasn’t a ‘Secretary’ supposed to sit outside your own office and answer your phone, open your mail, fetch your coffee and more!

But tirelessly, Rosie pushed on, networking in local business groups and spreading the word about Virtual Assistants. As the industry grew, so did Rosie’s popularity and became known as the ‘mother duck’. VAs from across Australia started approaching Rosie to ask for advice. Seeing the need for these emerging Virtual Assistants to feel like they belong, Rosie began her Virtually Yours network.

Multi-coloured waves

Hi, I’m Rosie — Speaker, Author and Virtual Assistant Advocate

Rosie has spent over 17 years working in the virtual world. After building her own successful VA business, Rosie gained a reputation as the VA to turn to when you needed your questions answered.

Seeing the need for VAs to have a central hub to connect, find support and ask questions, Virtually Yours was born.

With over 160 members Australia wide, Rosie now works full-time mentoring other VAs as well as connecting with fellow small business owners who may need a VA.

Rosie also delivers keynotes and speaks at many events, informing small business owners how they can work with a VA. She outlines the costs, the benefits and the processes you need to put in place in order to LOVE your Virtual Assistant.

Keynote Topics


Are you a business owner interested in working with a Virtual Assistant but don’t know where to start?

Learn how to work with a Virtual Assistant, the costs involved, etc. How you can access a network of Australian Virtual Assistants where you can lodge a job lead for a project (short or long term) to find your perfect Virtual Assistant – for free! You’ll find out how you and your business can benefit from working with a Virtual Assistant to focus on what you do best in your business and regain precious time to enjoy a more balanced lifestyle.

So you want to become a Virtual Assistant, but debating when and how to kick-start your new business?

Learn the benefits of belonging to an online community where Virtual Assistants can connect with each other, bounce ideas around and understand that although you work virtually, you are never alone. You’ll be able to take advantage of mentoring opportunities for you to grow your virtual business, with all the how to’s and shortcuts that Rosie has learnt on her own journey, plus access to job leads in a multitude of expertise areas.

Other Popular Keynote Topics


  • Outsourcing for leverage
  • How to become a Stellar VA
  • How to find your Stellar VA
  • What you need to consider before outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant
  • Finding VA support for your business
  • Leading & managing your virtual team

Rosie can customise a presentation suitable for any specific audience.

Recent speaking engagements

Rosie had the honour to be invited as a speaker at the following organisations’ events:

  • The Business Playroom Internet TV Show
  • Australian VA Conference
  • Bloom Networking
  • Motivating Mum Business Expo
  • PA Pages Online Summit
  • Online International VA Conference
  • Online Women’s Business Summit
  • Red Shoes Network
  • Nillumbik Business Network Business Expo
  • Maroondah Council Networking Group
  • Gig Super Do-athon
  • WordCamp Sydney
  • ThinkRAPT
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I have had the pleasure of seeing Rosie speak at multiple events, both online and offline. She has also been a guest on my podcast and on The Business Playroom online TV show. On all occasions, Rosie has added massive value to the audience and has done so in
an engaging way. As an entertaining subject matter expert, I highly recommend you book Rosie for your next event.

Renee Hasseldine

Founder & CEO, Think Rapt

Rosie is both a pure delight on stage (virtually or in person) and an expert at breaking down seemingly overwhelming subject areas into realistic, practical, bite size pieces making her an incredibly valuable addition to any program as a presenter, facilitator or MC / host. Her interactive presentation style, firsthand knowledge and enthusiasm to see business owners thrive make her a hands down attendee favourite every time. It’s without hesitation that I recommend Rosie for any upcoming speaking or facilitation opportunities – you will be glad you included this firecracker in your program.

Jessica Abbey

GIG Super

As a speaker Rosie is bright, engaging and a lot of fun. She knows her stuff but presents it in an entertaining and easy to digest way,
dropping in stories and audience connection points to really drive home her message. I’d highly recommend her to any event looking
to add some smarts and humour to their line up.

Kate Toon

Founder, Stay Tooned

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