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Rosie Shilo. Director of Virtually Yours, Owner of the Australian Virtual Business Network, Co-Owner of Webtastic Designs. Co-editor of Today's VA Magazine and the Harmony Hunters website.

SAMASHA: A new hope

Bachelorette Sheila Aussie Finale!   Giving love another chance From her heartbreak on the bachelor, to now, Sam must pick one amazing man to fulfil her wild fantasy of a fairytale marriage. Booshit Booshit Booshit. We open with incredible landscapes of New Zealand with Sam recapping the whole concept of the show in case we [...]

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Bachelorette: Sam Quivers Making A Hard Decision

Hey thrill seekers. Well you’re not really; you’re watching the Bachelorette; like me. I realise I should get out more. Here’s some exciting news. Rosie’s bailed AGAIN so you have to put up with me. She decided business networking is more important. So she’s off talking to business people, professionally, wearing her executive active wear… [...]

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Bachelorette: Home Visits With The Homeys

Episode 8: Home visits with the Top 4. with guest blogger Monique Bruggeman!!! www.avirtualcopywritingmonstar.com.au Rosie’s gone out, so you get me tonight. Crap. My pants, not the show – hopefully…Big shoes to fill, a bit like Sasha (hmmm mmmm). With the state of this show, it’s no surprise Rosie has bailed – I’ve heard she’s [...]

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Bachelorette: The Last Supper

Episode 7 - Crackin’ Sheilaretta Australia Bahahah! The boys are working out on the lawn boxing and lifting weights. It’s cool that it’s not staged. Osher rocks up and Richie has the honour of reading the first date card. And it’s Sasha. His second single date. I hope this one is a little less hideously outrageously [...]

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